Case: VR-trial

We conducted a trial with the City of Turku, Elisa, and middle-schoolers to see how 5G and VR technologies can lower the threshold for young people to start a new hobby and thus contribute to reducing social exclusion. With the VR world's help, teenagers can get familiar with recreational activities in a new and exciting way. Showcasing hobbies this way also gives young people an experience of real action and friendly communities.

We realized virtual worlds for three enthusiastic recreational clubs: TuWen and TuNl P20 joint football team, Turku Jyryn Flex Pre Junior gymnastics team, and Turku Young Theater (Turun Nuori Teatteri).

Both the young people in the focus group and the youth whose exercises we recorded were enthusiastic about the trial:

I think that this is good for those who, for example, do not want to go alone to see a new hobby, so this is where they can watch everything, and it is easier for them." - trial participant


"It’s really great that you came to record our workouts and want to show what we’re really doing. Instead of filming a staged promotional video.” -Siiri, theater enthusiast

You can check out the virtual worlds here:
We also wrote a blog about the VR-trial!