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Your partner in municipal marketing and social integration

CYF Digital is a vision-driven company. It got its start in 2015, when we came together in a voluntary effort to promote social integration of asylum seekers. Now we work with cities and other public organisations to attract all kinds of new residents and improve the integration and inclusion of newcomers into their local communities.

Our expertise and innovative approach has been recognized internationally. We have won multiple innovation awards for our digital services, concepts and pilots. We specialize in working with organizations in the public sector. Our partners are municipalities, regional development firms and universities in Finland and Europe.


People move. A lot. In fact, people move to or relocate within Finland more than 900 000 times per year according to Statistics Finland. In most cases, migration involves new opportunities, but it also has its issues and challenges. What would be the best place for me to live? Where can I find reliable information? I won’t be seen as an outsider, will I?

Our services help cities and towns to stand out as appealing places to live, highlighting their strengths and making the voices of their current residents heard. Our services are there for people when they choose a new residential area to relocate to, making it easier for them to adapt to a new environment and feel like they belong.

Check out our range of services below.

Know Your Hoods – Bring momentum to your municipal marketing

Know Your Hoods® is a neighborhood portal with a variety of functions. Potential residents can compare different cities and neighborhoods through our search engine to find the best place to settle in. The current residents, in turn, can rate and review their neighborhoods and read blogs about different activities in the area.

Know Your Hoods® helps municipalities to communicate their appeal in a human-centric and inspiring way. We are already cooperating with more than ten municipalities of different sizes in Satakunta and Southwest Finland, and welcome further partners! Get to know the service at

Mobiililuotsi – Get to know your region

Mobiililuotsi is a mobile app (PWA), designed to promote social integration. With this app new residents can find information relevant to their life situation, and useful public and private services. Mobiililuotsi also works as a tool for municipal service workers to guide customers towards the right services.

A pilot version of Mobiililuotsi has been tested in Vakka-Suomi together with Ukipolis Oy. The app utilizes Open Data, which allows for a fast and cost-efficient deployment to other municipalities in Finland in the future. In 2022, we connected the service to the nationwide AuroraAI-network. Try out Mobiililuotsi by downloading it at

My Mobile Tutor – Get a handle on your new home city

My Mobile Tutor is a mobile app (PWA) designed for college and university students. It welcomes students to their new home city, giving them a good impression of the new locale. The app streamlines the search for different services by providing information about the campus, city, events, and places to eat (unsurprisingly, one of the most popular categories!).

My Mobile Tutor has been in use by the University of Turku since 2018. Work is underway to expand the app to six European universities, which it is hoped will encourage student mobility. The app was launched in April 2022. Would you like to try a demo version of My Mobile Tutor?

Other services

We also provide other services that support municipal marketing, including:
  • Blog posts (e.g., resident interviews, places of interest, hobbies and services)
  • Targeted digital marketing campaigns
  • Photography, including aerial photography
  • Neighborhood Hunts (Naapurustosuunnistus™)
  • Travel challenges, light installations and events
  • Research projects (e.g., on resident satisfaction or relocation / attraction factors)
  • Organization of workshops and webinars (both remote and on-site)
  • Project management (e.g. website and other IT projects)



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