Know Your Hoods is a neighborhood search engine that helps movers find the perfect municipality and neighborhood to settle in. It also helps residents to find information and stories about their own neighborhood. Know Your Hoods is a new and fresh way to highlight the appeal of neighborhoods and municipalities!

If you can't see the video here, you can watch it also on Youtube.

Know Your Hoods service concept won an innovation contest organised by the Regional Council of Southwest Finland in which the goal was to develop solutions that use open data to highlight the appeal of neighbourhoods and municipalities. The first neighborhoods were released in summer 2019 and now you can find entire Turku area in Know Your Hoods. Our goal is to develop the service together with the users and municipalities to make the service as interesting and comprehensive as possible for both movers and residents.

There are different search criteria that you can use to filter your search. You can choose, for example, in what kind of environment you would want to live in, what kind of services you need to have nearby and what is the suitable price level for you. The search engine finds the most fitting neighbourhoods from all the municipalities that are in the service. You can look at pictures and videos of the neighbourhoods and learn more about the area through texts, statistics and stories from the residents who are already living in the area. Know Your Hoods is available in Finnish and English.

Know Your Hoods initial phase has been developed as part of a Töihin tänne -project organized by Regional Council of Southwest Finland. The English version of the service was co-developed with Talent Turku, coordinated by Turku Science Park Ltd. In addition, University of Turku participated in the development through Open DaaS project.

However, now that Know Your Hoods has seen the light of the day, the responsibility of further development falls on us - Choose Your Future. Our aim is to develop Know Your Hoods further together with both long-term and recent residents. Would your municipality or city like to take part in the development of Know Your Hoods?

Contact us at info(a) and let's talk!

Picture: CYF