We, the CYF Digital team, came together in 2015 around a volunteer project aimed at helping integrate asylum seekers into the Finnish environment. This effort evolved into a company that now helps people find the best places to live and establish themselves in their new communities.

Our original project won the Facebook Global Digital Challenge, organized by Facebook and the US State Department and held in Washington, D.C. in February 2016. This victory and the positive feedback we received inspired us to continue our work by forming a company committed to creating solutions to social challenges. One of our first projects developed in cooperation with the University of Turku was a digital service to help first-year university students to better integrate into their new study environments. Since then, we have won several other innovation contests both in Finland and abroad. You can read more about them in our acknowledgements.

Our newest solution is Know Your Hoods® neighborhood portal that won an innovation contest organized by the Regional Council of Southwest Finland in which the goal was to develop solutions that used open data to highlight the appeal of neighborhoods and municipalities. Following this achievement, development of the first version of Know Your Hoods® continued in partnership with the City of Turku, the Regional Council of Southwest Finland and Turku Business Region. Development work continues, and we look forward to adding new municipalities and neighborhoods to the service. Could your municipality or neighborhood be next?


A lot of expectations are associated with finding a new place to live. Moving to a new place can create positive new beginnings and a wealth of new opportunities. These can come from new studies, a new job or starting a family, for example. A new neighborhood can offer new friends, new hobbies, and more comprehensive services. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

However, we know that moving also brings many challenges. Can I find enough information about my new city? How do I find free-time activities I will like? How can I become friends with my new neighbors? I won’t be seen as an outsider, will I? Poor integration may lead to loneliness or even social exclusion. Consequently, loneliness can have significant costs for society.

Everyone should be able to enjoy their new home city or neighborhood. Our digital services are developed to help migrants choose a new city, get to know their new home, and integrate into the local society. Read more about our services below.

Bring momentum to your municipal marketing - Tell about your municipality’s attractions and neighborhoods!

Know Your Hoods® is a neighborhood portal with a variety of functions. One of its main features is the search engine that serves people who are looking to relocate. A potential resident can compare different cities and neighborhoods based on desired criteria to find the best place to settle in. The portal also helps current residents find information about their neighborhood, learn about services, and participate in community discussions. The Know Your Hoods® portal also works great for a hands-on approach. Our team uses the portal to organize hybrid events such as Neighborhood Hunts and travel challenges, which boost the area’s visibility for locals and tourists alike.

Know Your Hoods® boosts municipal marketing by bringing its strengths to light in an innovative and engaging way. The service suits both big cities and small rural municipalities. We developed the first stage of the portal in partnership with the City of Turku, the Regional Council of Southwest Finland, and Turku Business Region. Now we are partnered with almost ten different municipalities!

Get to know the service at hoods.fi.

Main functionalities and benefits for users:

Search function

Search for neighborhoods suitable for your needs using different criteria

Information about neighborhoods

Get to know cities and neighborhoods through stats, text, images, maps, and blogs

Resident engagement

Write and read residents’ reviews about the neighborhoods

Join us to get momentum with your municipal marketing!


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My Mobile Tutor

“CYF supports our goals to make Turku the best student city in Finland. The team tailors content for our students per their needs, so that they can find the information they need about their new home city.”
- Kalervo Väänänen, University of Turku

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Know Your Hoods

Know Your Hoods is a neighborhood search engine that helps movers find the perfect municipality and neighborhood to settle in. It also helps residents to find new information and stories about their own neighborhood.

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"CYF's expertise and ideas helped us think about the implementation of our service and our customers' needs in a practical way. We can warmly recommend development and design work with CYF."
- Kirsi Korhonen, International Fox Agency

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Can 5G and VR technologies lower the threshold for young people to start a new hobby? We conducted a trial with the City of Turku, Elisa, and middle-schoolers to find the answer to this question. With the VR world's help, teenagers can get familiar with recreational activities in an exciting way.

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Is a new mobile service necessary, and what would be its main content? In this workshop, we went through different users' needs and formed the wireframe version trough prioritization, thus creating a shared vision for the future Mobiililuotsi-application.

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Winner of Elisa 5G Hackathon 2019 at SHIFT, Turku

Winner of Service Innovation at University StartUp World Cup 10/2018, Copenhagen

Winner of BusinessUp Acceleration Program, Spring 2018, Turku Science Park

Winner of the innovation contest Enhancing the attractiveness of Southwest Finland 11/2017

Recognized by AACSB as one of the 35 Innovations That Inspire 2/2017, New Orleans

Invited to present integration service at the UN General Assembly week 9/2016, NY

Winner of the Facebook Global Digital Challenge in Washington 2/2016


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