Case: Mobiililuotsi

Ukipolis Oy needed to determine whether a preliminarily planned mobile service was required to support migrants' social integration. Currently, most of the supporting services are scattered. Customer service workers assisting migrants spend time searching for existing information and going through recurring issues. There is not enough time left to resolve more challenging cases. The project's aim was a) to find out if a mobile service is necessary and b) if so, what would be its essential contents.

The original idea was to implement a joint workshop with different stakeholders, but we transferred the workshops into a virtual environment due to limitations during the spring of 2020. There were several parties involved, from the customer service to those performing administrative duties. In three different workshops, we went through the different stakeholders' needs and formed the wireframe version. After workshops, we shared the wireframe with everyone for further comments, and thus, we gained a shared vision for future Mobiililuotsi-application.

"I have to say that I was insanely nervous about attending this virtual workshop. I'm really not an 'IT person,' and that's why I was nervous. Anyway, I want to thank you for making the situation so relaxed and safe! Everything went much better than I had previously anticipated. You are really skilled guys, indeed!! It is good to continue from here 🙂 "- workshop participant


Ukipolis Oy is a development organization owned by the municipalities of Uusikaupunki, Laitila, Vehmaa, Taivassalo, Kustavi, and Pyhäranta, which serves the entrepreneurship and business needs of the Vakka-Suomi region.